Victorian GlassHouse Hoveton Hall Gardens country estate historic building

The spectacular gardens of Hoveton Hall house this original Victorian Glasshouse that has been renovated back to its former glory to be used again and for the public to view. The Glasshouse has Victorian iron work set with panes of Glass and a boiler house behind the main green house to heat the plant beds. Through the larg pipes around the bottom of the planting bed inside the Glasshouse heat passes that is produced from fires in the boiler house part of the building at the rear of the green house. The workmanship of this Victorian Glasshouse is amazing and it is great that Hoveton Hall Gardens allow the public to walk through the Glasshouse and view the rest of the estate gardens. Currently housing Traditional varieties of Geranium in pots on the right and a planted bed of Succulent type plants to the left the Glasshouse is still in use by the Estate.

greenhouse country estate at Hoveton Hall Gardens Victorian GlassHouse historic building.

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