Gorleston on Sea

Gorleston on Sea, or simply Gorleston as it is more commonly know, is a small village of some 5000 inhabitants situated just a few miles outside of the much larger town of Great Yarmouth. Over the years, as both have expanded, the distinction between the two has become less defined, and some see Gorleston as a suburb of Great Yarmouth, although that is not the case with the village still retaining its own charm and identity.
The coastal village can trace its origins back to at least 1086 when it was first documented in the Domesday book, but did not reach any major prominence until the Victorian era. During this time, it was a major player in the herring fishing industry, and also, it seems that this is when the seeds of tourism were first sewn in this seaside town.

Nowadays, tourism is the quite an important industry in Gorleston, and people are attracted there in part due to the fact that it has kept some of the Edwardian feel to its seafront with its well looked after cliff-top park gardens. Or visitors can enjoy a show or the various comedians that perform in the Pavillion Theatre on the seafront. Gorleston prides itself on being quieter than Great Yarmouth, although of course, the village has also had to move with the times. And along its main high street you can find many cafes, beach shops, and the ubiquitous amusement arcade or two!
A holiday in Gorleston can be taken at any time of year, with many businesses and facilities being open all the year around. The most popular times of year to visit though, are between April and October, with the weeks coinciding with the school holidays being the busiest. If you are considering taking a holiday during this time, you would be wise to plan ahead, especially when it comes to accommodation.
Whether you are just visiting or staying in Gorleston, you will be pleased to know that there are many activities you can try during your stay there. The long sandy beach is the place to go during the summer, and it is rarely crowded. Along the main promenade at Gorleston you will find the Pier Hotel and the nearby Ocean Room nightclub and Restaurant. As you wander along the prom from the Pier you will find many cafes to sit at and enjoy the view of the beach or the cliff gardens. If you are holidaying with children, then you will all enjoy building sand castles, playing games, swimming or simply relaxing under the shade of a sun umbrella on the beach. You don't have to move far to get an ice cream either, as quite often, a van will drive up and down the beach! If you are feeling more energetic and adventurous, you might also like to try your hand at windsurfing or water skiing that are available when the weather is appropriate.

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